Make Your Skin Ready For Summer

When it comes to skincare, it is important to prepare your healthy skin for the summer cleaning and tanning issues. The transition of the season from winter to spring and summer still requires sticking on to the use of sunscreen and moisturizer. It’s important to lighten up your routine when it comes to other products and habits.

Time to set up a skincare routine for healthy skin habits. Here is the list you can add on into your routine.

Clean out the Cosmetics

Sometimes it is a good practice to swap products based on different skin brands and usages. Dive into your cosmetics products and the sunscreen and toss around the products that have been around a little longer in use. A healthy practice should be followed. Any products that you apply near your eyes or lips should be replaced with another product after a year. Clean your makeup bag in the washer. Clean with an antibacterial cleanser for better.

Clear Thick and Heavy Foundation

Applying heavy foundation and concealers on your face can cause buildup and can lead to a breakout. The chances of the breakout are more during spring and summer season when heat and humidity lead to sweat and clogged skin. Also the makeup remover, its time to switch a heavy cream-based ointment with a lighter option.

Swap Cream Moisturizer with Light Weighted Ones

The spring arrives with temperature rise and humidity. During such warmer season, light moisturizing lotions will provide enough moisture for the skin. Prefer using products that are rich in hydrating ingredients which will add natural glow to your complexion.

Exfoliate the Skin Regularly

It is advisable to go mild exfoliation at least twice in a week which will help in removing dead, dull skin cells from the skin surface leaving skin more radiant. Also, if the skin dead cells are combined with sweat, grease and products, it will lead to pores clogging and lead to acne. Have a habit of applying sunscreen.

Use Acidic or Astringent Cleanser

As the days are warm, using a slight acidic cleanser will help to control the shine and sweat more effectively. The cleanser will help the skin to look clean and sweat free throughout the day.

 Freshen Up From the Heat with Mists

We collect and spread so much of bacteria all over the face throughout the day during summer. When the sweat traps those bacteria, we are more prone to wiping it off with unwashed hands. During such time, use facial mists to fight against the bacteria and help clean the skin.

Use Sunflower Seed Oil to Soothe Eczema

It is observed that upt0 10% of adults have eczema, an inflammation of the skin that results in scaly red patches. This condition is more likely to occur in the summer season. Use sunflower oil is the amazing remedy for that.  Apply sunflower oil before bed. During that time, if your skin continues to be red or irritated, apply only a thin coat every night after the shower. The sunflower oil will help to stimulate the body’s natural production of ceramides and fats that help to boost the skin barrier.

Final Words

Make your skin summer-ready. Follow these tips for clean and protected skin. Also, the common issue observed during summer is skin tanning. Following proper skincare tips will protect your skin from damage.