Pedicure At Home During Covid-19 Lockdown. Follow These Steps.

Getting bored at home? Don’t want to go out for your pedicure needs during a lockdown? It’s been long you haven’t stepped out at home. You have barely noticed your feet. The pandemic has changed the way we respond to our body needs. Hence, we are here with solid pedicure ideas which you can try at home to relieve your foot and get them glowing again.

Step 1: Use A Nail Polish Remover To Remove The Nail Paint

Considering it as a first step, make sure you use the good quality nail polish remover which not only removes the nail polish but also helps to moisturize your cuticles and make your nails strong.

Step 2:  Soak Your Toes and Feet In Water

Take a little warm water in a small tub. Add some skin-soothing bath chemicals to loosen your feet skin. Now soak your feet in it. Let them in for 15-20 minutes. Then wait for the next step.

Step 3: Trim Your Nails

Now it’s time to trim your nails in whichever shape you want, square or round. Choose the shape that best suits you. Gently file them, and buff the side and top of the nail with a nail buffer and give your nails a natural shine.

Step 4:  Use Cuticle Remover And Exfoliate Your Skin

Cuticle remover will help you remove any dead skin. Then use cuticle oil to moisturize your nails. Exfoliate your hands and get rid of any dirt or grime on your skin. Wash your hand once you are done.

Step 5: Apply Your Favorite Nail Polish

Put a small cotton ball between each finger. Go with a base coat to avoid chipping and give it a good finish. Then give your nail a final polishing making it super shiny and long-lasting finish.

And there we are done. In this way, you can get a salon-like pedicure in the comfort of your home. Get your nails pampered now!