5 Most Common Skin Problems During Spring Season And How To Prevent It

Spring season is the beautiful season which begins in the mid March here. As the spring season initiates, it brings unwanted changes in the weather which leads to skin problems.  Our skin feature is characterized by the unstable climate and atmosphere that we live in. The unstable climate, strong UV radiation and dust lead to unhealthy skin problems. So, it’s necessary to come up with proper timely skin solutions to take care of your skin.

With the weather suddenly becoming hot and humid, a whole new set of skin issues may arise along with the beautiful season of spring. Changing weather conditions can make the skin extra sensitive.

Different skin possesses different skin problems. Let's see which are the top 5 Skin problems everyone faces in spring and see how to prevent them.

1.       Berloque Dermatitis

Sometimes, we see the brown mottled patches on the skin which looks similar to age spots which are found usually on the neck, cheeks and side of the face. This skin condition occurs due to a chemical reaction that happens between UV light, which is an ingredient commonly found in many perfumes and colognes, as well as in some heavily scented skin creams or beauty products that we use during the makeover.

How to Solve It?

Prefer using natural beauty products and avoid perfumes that contain harmful ingredients for our body parts if you are going out. If you are having small patches on the skin, don’t forget to use retinol creams.

2.       Skin Roughness

You might have observed the white and red goosebumps on the arms, legs and near buttocks. This spot usually arises during spring among women particularly. This skin problem arises as the skin cell builds up around individual hair follicles.

How to Solve It?
Use special skin moisturizer suitable for your skin for your daily use. The moisturizer should contain urea, glycolic or lactic acid as it helps to soften the skin. Also, body scrub can help to minimize those patches, make sure you use it moderately to prevent reddening and skin inflammation.

3.       Skin Drying on Knees and Elbows

The skin on the knees and elbows is one of the driest parts of our bodies. During spring, these parts may take on a cracked, whitish, or grayish look particularly among people with olive or darker skin as they lack essential moisture.

How to Solve It?

Dry elbows and knees can be fixed by applying regular moisturizers. Using petroleum jelly at least once a week before you sleep can also help to deal with such a problem.  To take extra care of your knees and elbows, it is important to avoid putting up pressure on it and don't forget to protect it from sun harmful rays.

4.       Sun Rash

Sun Rash happens when the skin suddenly gets exposed to the sun and happens as a reaction to the changing weather. Sun rash occurs while the skin is not yet accustomed to changes and appears as an overreaction.

How to Solve It?

Limit your sun exposure especially during the first few days of spring. This will help your skin to slowly adapt to changes and prevent overreactions. Use anti-itching cream to minimize the experience of itching.

5.       Sunburn

As your skin gets exposed to the sun after a long sunless day, there are chances that the skin may feel burnt and uncomfortable. You will find the spots near your eyes, nose, and forehead.

How to solve it?

To prevent sunburn, use sunscreen containing SPF 30. You can also, use zinc oxide containing products to block UV Rays to prevent skin irritations caused due to sun exposure.


The skin problem will become the reason why you feel less excited about spring. The changing weather conditions can cause shock for your skin as you need to find the best solution to overcome the skin woes. By practicing these skincare solutions, one can deal with these problems to enjoy the entire season and feel great with flawless skin.