Microzone Treatment And What To Expect From It

When you are so busy in your life and you don’t have time to spare for treating your skin better, Microzone treatment is the best result driven solution for your skin.

The treatment time is mainly 20 minutes and it is considered as ideal for targeting pressing skin issues such as breakouts, dull skin and tired eyes in our full-service skin treatment. This treatment is also great for newcomers including men and teens.

What to expect in Microzone Treatment?

During the treatment, the expert first analysis the skin and then they perform the targeted treatment using certain techniques to treat the skin. After the treatment, the skin will look fresh and healthier.

Microzone Treatment Menu

Here, we will explore which body parts are suitable to have Microzone treatment.

1.       Exfoliate Flash

Gently resurface the dull, lacking luster skin for a radiant glow.

2.       Eye Rescue

Use Microzone treatment on tired eyes which will help to minimize dark circle, fine lines, and puffiness.

3.       Extra Care of Lips

Get the smooth, conditioned and softened lips by having Microzone treatment.

4.       Age Repairing

Get the restorative treatment to repair, energize and fight signs of aging with Microzone treatment.

5.       Hand Repair

Rejuvenate dry, chapped hands with proper moisture packed, powerful aging treatment.

6.       Boost Your Moisture

Help your skin to rehydrate and replenish dry skin with a necessary dose of moisture.

7.       Blackhead Removal

Remove your blackhead, deep clean and purify oily skin to clear up the congestion.

8.       Spot Clearing

Treat the banished existing breakouts, to heal and soothe the redness of the skin.

9.       Control Oil

Fight with the oily skin shine and purify your skin.

10.   Men’s Skin Fitness

Get the deep-cleansing and calming treatment to tackle the issues specific to men.

11.   Skin Soothing

Avoid your teenage problem. Get tough on your skin breakouts without irritating the skin through our microzone treatment.


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