Women Hair Style: 2019 Summer Hair Trends

If you've been waiting to make a bold statement with your hair, then this summer is your time to shine. In this blog, we reveal the top 5 must-try 2019 summer hair trends that are brighter and bolder than ever. Whether you have long or short hair, love color or prefer to keep your hair natural, we've got the style for every woman.

Summer Hair Trend: Baby Bangs

This summer, we’re throwing it back to the ’60s with Audrey Hepburn inspired cropped bangs. Does the style look familiar? It should! Cropped bangs are a hit on the runway and A-listers like Emma Watson and Emma Roberts have rocked this retro look on the red carpet. ‘I’m obsessed with baby/micro fringe, it’s the perfect way to make your haircut modern and open up your face,” said celebrity stylist, Christopher Naselli.

Did You Know?

According to Pinterest’s top 100 trends for 2019, more than 51% of their bang’s searches include above the brow bangs.

How to Get the Look

To maintain your bangs you will need to visit your hairstylist every 3-4 weeks to reshape them. Sounds like too much of a hassle? Opt for a faux fringe that guarantees instant style and is 100% commitment free if you decide that a cropped fringe is not for you.

Summer Hair Trend: Low ponytail

As you can tell from our first trend, 2019 summer hair trends are all about bringing classic looks back. Now you simply cannot do classy without a low ponytail. This minimalist look is super quick to pull off and will upgrade your style from 'nice' to 'fashion forward" in an instant. The low ponytail is definitely one of our favourite go-to summer hair trends this year.

Did You Know?

According to instyle.com, a low ponytail creates the illusion of a sculpted face by elongating your features. On the flipside, if you have a slim face, you can add volume to your cheeks with a low, textured pony that also draws attention to your amazing jawline.

How to Get the Look

Got short, thin hair? Use clip-in hair extensions to add volume and length to your ponytail. This is one of the oldest tricks in the book and one that even Ariana Grande swears by. After creating your pony, take a 1-inch section of hair from the underside and of your pony and tightly wrap it around your hair band and secure it underneath with bobbies. Then, finish the look off with strong-hold hairspray.

Summer Hair Trend: Hair Accessories

Fun, bright, big and bold accessories have made the biggest come back this year and we're super excited about this summer hair trend that can elevate any hairstyle. It seems like glam accessories are the focus this season with loads of sparkle that'll ensure you shine bright like a diamond. "...for spring, we're focusing on fantastic resin (hair) pieces with glitter and crystal details," the head of design at ASOS, Aisling Mckeefry said. Now you know what to look out for at your next shopping spree.

Style Tip

Upgrade your bobby pin game by stacking them in a criss-cross or chevron pattern for a fun chic look. Love colour? Paint your black bobby pins with colourful nail polish to match any look.

Summer Hair Trend: Pastel Hair Color

Get ready for a color explosion this summer, because pastel hair colors, especially antique peaches, and pale denim blues are burning up the style scene. Not sure which pastel hair color is right for you? Find your perfect match based on your skin tone below!

Style Tip

In order to maintain your new hair color, we recommend that you decrease the number of times you shampoo your hair and opt for dry shampoo instead. Ensure that you choose a shampoo specifically designed for color-treated hair or shampoo that’s sulfate and sodium free.

Summer Hair Trend: The Wet Look

Pop culture icon, Kim Kardashian, brought Hollywood to a standstill when she stepped onto the red carpet with her slick back wet look back in 2016 at the VMA's. This look has been trending on catwalks all over the world and we're here for it. The wet look is perfect for all occasions because it works with any makeup style whether you love to go natural or bold and bright.