Tips for Doing a Brazilian Wax at Home

Getting a Brazilian wax is probably one of the least enjoyable things to take care of on that to-do list but it’s just something that needs to get done. If you don’t like going to the spa or salon for this wax, consider doing a Brazilian wax at home using a natural waxing solution. We’ve created an all-natural formula that’s suitable for all skin types, and this soft wax kit will help you get long-lasting results.

Here are some important tips for doing a Brazilian wax at home:

1. Exfoliate a couple of days before your session. Use a gentle scrub, buffing mitt, or loofah to buff away any dead skin cells that might be sitting on the skin’s surface. Don’t exfoliate inside any folds or crevices, but do buff around the pubic bone and other areas where you need to wax. A clean surface will help you achieve smooth, long-lasting results.

2. Wax the front first. Everyone is sensitive in different areas when it comes to the Brazilian wax experience, but you’ll find that the area right on top of the pubic bone is actually more sensitive than others. Take care of this area first so you can get the most painful part out of the way. Remember it only takes a few minutes, and once you get this area done, the rest will be a piece of cake!

3. Plan to wax a few days after your period. Most women find that their skin is far less sensitive to waxing about three or four days after their period. Check your calendar to find out when would be the ideal time for your Brazilian wax session. You’ll want to pick a day that falls in the week right after your period if you want to reduce skin sensitivity and anxiety about the waxing session. It’s generally a good idea to avoid caffeinated beverages before you wax because caffeine can make you more anxious – and even somewhat uncoordinated. Just take care of the hair removal session first thing in the morning and enjoy your coffee or other caffeinated beverages afterwards.