10 Secrets Of Amazing Eyebrows

Don't Forget to Blend Those Brows

After you've shaped and filled in your brows, don't forget to finish up by blending them with a brow brush or cotton swab. This will keep your look natural rather than painted on.

Pick the Right Shade

When selecting a pencil or eyeshadow to use on your brows, it is usually best to stay close to your hair color. If you have dark eyes, you could go a shade lighter, and if you have lighter eyes and hair, you could go a shade darker.

Decide on a Shape

Experiment with different shapes to find the best look for you. Adjusting the placement of your arch can make a big difference in your overall appearance. Long or oval faces benefit from straighter brows, round and square faces look best with arched brows, and heart-shaped faces go well with a slightly curved brow.

Define with an Outline

Line the top and bottom of your brows with a pencil. You can amp up your arches by creating a more defined angle between the outer two-thirds of your brow line.

Fill in the Gaps

Use a matching shadow to fill in your brows after lining them with a pencil. This will give them an even, uniform look and fill in any sparse areas. You can wet your shadow brush for a slightly darker and more dramatic look.

Highlight to add Pizazz

Use a highlighter or concealer to draw a line under your entire brow, then blend it in with your fingertip.

Maintenance is Key

Get your brows shaped by a professional every two to three weeks. Eyebrow threading is quick, safe, and the best way to keep your brows on fleek.

Castor Oil

Castor oil contains vitamin E, protein, and fatty acids which make it a wonderful treatment for your delicate lashes and brows. It can actually help you regrow hair lost from over-plucking in years past, and it keeps them lush and in the best condition. Simply apply castor oil to your lashes and brows before going to bed each night, and you will love the results.

Keep Your Tools Clean

Take the time to clean your makeup tools and brushes at least every other week. Use a little baby shampoo and warm water, rinse thoroughly, and let them dry on a clean towel. Your makeup will go on better with fresh brushes and you will get rid of any bacteria before it could get in your pretty peepers.

Gel it

Brow gel keeps your unruly eyebrows in place and adds definition. Use it as a finishing touch after using liner and shadow by applying the gel in short upward strokes in the direction of the hair growth.