Mascara and eyebrow liner are the mainstays of any makeup kit. Mascara and brow liner are so important because they do a good job of enhancing the appearance of your eyes. Anyone who knows anything about the human face realizes that your eyes say a lot about who you are. People make decisions about you simply because of how your eyes look.

When properly applied, mascara and liner can make your eyes look bigger, they can enhance the colours of your eyes, and they can make you look overall attractive. However, as with all makeup, mascara and liner have their downsides, especially during the hot summer months. For this reason, many women are looking to eyelash and eyebrow tinting as opposed to wearing mascara or liner. All of this is done with treatments that are safe and natural.

When your eyelashes and eyebrows are tinted, they look a lot more noticeable. Every movement of your eye is exaggerated, so you look like you’re more expressive. This expressiveness and this intensity of your eyes can make you appear more attractive overall.

Many women turn to eyebrow and eyelash tinting because it’s practical and saves time. Putting mascara on every day takes a lot of time. And it’s difficult to accurately apply mascara when you are in a rush. So, more times than not, mascara gets applied sloppily, which instead of adding to your beauty, detracts from it.

Additionally, women who wear contact lenses suffer because mascara will fall into their contacts and irritate their eyes. Or think about how frustrating it is for athletes who are constantly applying mascara. Eyelash tinting is the perfect solution.

One of the nice things about eyelash and eyebrow tinting is that it’s not permanent. It’ll last for multiple weeks and then the procedure will need to be redone. As such, it’s a great alternative to permanent cosmetics that can be scary to try for the first time.

Your eyes say a lot about who you are. Make your eyes more expressive and more attractive without the trouble of applying makeup every day. Learn more about eyelash and eyebrow tinting at Bombay Salon and Spa.