7 Tips To Get Beautiful Natural Eyebrows

Eyebrows are among the most vital things in framing a face. The key to having the really beautiful brows is working with what you naturally have. Well-groomed eyebrow will go a long way in giving you an amazing look. Here are seven tips to get beautiful natural eyebrow:

Get the Shape Right

The shape of your brows depends on the shape of your face. How long, how thick, and how high they are, all rely on your face shape. If you have never had them shaped before, it is advisable to have a professional shape them and later you can maintain them.

Thread your Brows

Using thread to trim your eyebrow is the easiest, painless and most natural way of aligning your eyebrow in the right direction. Nonetheless, constant practice will save you a lot since you won't have to go to the salon every time you need them shaped. Notably, eyebrow threading is easier on delicate skin since it doesn’t affect your skin in any way.

Trim Carefully

Trimming is often done after threading, using a small pair of scissors. The secret here is, you should not over pluck your brows. You can use a pair of tweezers to ensure you don’t overdo it and to get rid of the stray hairs. You need to keep them as natural and full as possible. When tweezing, you need to only pluck hairs from the bottom, top and side. However, the middle should be left full.

Fill them using Bow Pencil

Filling in your brows make them look bolder and more natural. You will need to find a shade that is the same as your hair color, alternatively, your choice could depend on how light or dark you want them. In particular, when filling them, you should use short hair-like strokes to copy its natural look.

Brush your Brows

After filling in your brows, brush them using a spoolie. Most importantly, you should brush them upward. If the ends become longer, you could use a tweezer, or a trimmer to make it the right size.

Boost your Brows from the Inside

Cucumber juice improves the quality of your hair, and strawberry juice strengthens hair and kiwi juice promotes the growth of hair. So besides taking care of your brows just from the outside, it is essential to ensure that they are well maintained from the inside too.

Find a Professional

As much as taking care of your brows at home might save you, it won't really count if they don’t look right. So, if you can’t pull off the perfect shape, find a professional to do it for you.