Wedding Tips Worthy Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Curly-haired gals, please take note: You probably have no idea that your locks are basically the stuff of dreams right now. While you're spending your mornings fighting frizz and trying to tame your mane, brides everywhere are taking extreme measures to coax their hair into a crazy cloud of curls. Take pride and take advantage! Here, below, every type of curl and how to make it look on your wedding day.

Loose Waves

Your texture: Relaxed and beachy. Keep the look casual by minimizing scalp oil, which can migrate down the hair shaft and flatten waves.

Hair care: Eliminate oil by shampooing the scalp and conditioning only the ends. “The scalp is where dirt and sebum get trapped. Wash strands every other day—or the morning of your wedding.

Classic Curls

Your texture: Unpredictable—sometimes they’re loose spirals; other times, they’re tighter corkscrews.

Hair care: Shampoo about every three days, and two days before your wedding. “Your style needs a few days to evolve. Let your hair dry naturally, and don’t touch it—even when you’re adding styling product.

Body-defining ingredients: Drench your hair with oils high in fatty acids, like coconut, because they can deeply penetrate the hair shaft to loosen the coil.

Coily + Kinky

Your texture: Coily strands are tightly wound, and kinky strands are zigzags; both are enviably voluminous (though prone to splitting).

Hair care: You need to shampoo only about once a week. During the week (and after working out), refresh with a co-wash. Shampoo three days before your wedding to “encourage the volume your hair needs to fly free. Wet hair with a wide-tooth comb, and protect your curls by drying with a microfiber towel instead of a coarse terry-cloth one. Hair has a memory, so the sooner you start treating it correctly, the less time you’ll have to spend prepping on your wedding day.