10 Tips To Get The Perfect Eyebrows

Perfect and good-looking brows are among the latest and hottest trends in the beauty industry nowadays. However, achieving that unblemished, face-framing arch is not always as easy as it seems especially for beginners.

Many people leave the work of maintaining their brows to the experts for fear of doing them off the beam and end up looking hilarious. However, we understand such struggles and have come up with the following tips to help you get the very best ones:

A good brush goes a long way

Irrespective of how you want your brows to look, either precise and structured or unruly and wild, brushing them plays an immense role in achieving such. Therefore, having the right brow brush will not only ease the maintenance process but also save you time since you will want to brush your brows daily. Avoid traditional comb brows since such can irritate the skin.

Threading for sensitive skin

Tweezing, waxing and threading are among the numerous ways of shaping brows. However, for people with highly sensitive skin, using tweezers and waxing is not recommended since it may cause burns and sometimes skin redness around the eye. Instead, eyebrow threading is the ideal method for such individuals who can get their brows threaded approximately once a month for a more distinct and precise shaped look.

Overall face shape

It is necessary to take into account the overall shape of your face as well as the natural growth pattern of the brows. As a result, you can avoid forcing them into a particular punitive shape. The native form can be identified when the eyebrows have not been plucked for about six weeks.

Add depth

To achieve the right opacity and thickness, use either a fine tip pencil or angle brush with powder. Such can mimic real hairs as well as give a more substantial and natural look. During the process of filling the brows, feature a product which is a touch lighter than the hair color to have a more natural appearance.

Pluck break

To achieve the natural look, avoid overplucking by giving the brows sufficient time to grow back. We can serve your threading needs as soon as you need a professional. When tempted to pluck before the appointment date, keep the brows tidy and neat using a brow gel

Focus on the arch

Each time you define your brows, make sure always to have the most pigment intensity around the span. Such intensity not only creates an illusion of a more youthful but also a more lifted look.


To have a more eye oomph, you can carefully highlight the brow bone using the right product. Such is achievable by drawing a line under the brow followed by blending with the skin using a finger or a brush. Repeat the process on the top side of the brow.

Proper skincare

Although everyone desires to have a fuller brow, some people have naturally rare ones. And though there is little you can do to change this, you may moisturize the skin around the brows to boost hair growth.

Damage control

Skin redness may be experienced especially when one has used the wrong pair of tweezers. To heal the area, use cooling products and avoid applying makeup around the area. Perfecting your brows may not be easy at first, but with a professionals’ help, you will be a pro in no time.