how to get last long henna tattoo

Henna tattoo or Mehndi is the art of decorating the body with henna which is an ancient form that has been done for many years in India and Middle East. Henna tattoos are the things which can attract or admire every person of all ages.

Here are some tips to use for getting last long henna designs:

+Keep henna for 4 to 6 hours: If you want dark color of henna on your skin then you should keep henna longer. Darker color will long lasting, so be take care of your henna on your skin and also leave it for 4 to 6 hours to moist. You can remove your paste slowly with butter knife or running water.

+Keep your skin dry: Next 12 hours you should not take bath or do not go for swimming. Must stay in dry environment where your henna will get darker for long lasting.

+Do not sit in sun shine: Also important that you do not expose your henna tattoo in the direct sun shine in the first 48 hours after getting henna on your skin. It will not help to getting darker color on your skin.

+Use lemon juice: Lemon juice is the most effective and very useful for maintain your henna tattoo and let help you from exfoliation.

+Do not rub the area while bath: While having bath or shower be careful to not use any scrub or hard soap on henna tattoo. You should use only light water on henna designs.

These are the things which you should be careful after applying henna on your skin. Hope this article may help you to get long lasting henna tattoo and darker.