9 tips of facial service at tennessee

Guideline: steps by steps of facial service at tennessee

Bombay Salon & Spa is best facial experts and we have specialized Facialist at our salon. They give you our best and try to make you more comfortable with our hospitality.

+ Cleanse

Firstly, your Facialist will begin with removing your makeup. After that your skin will be naked, and then she will massage cleansing with milk, cream and gel or use the lotion into your face and neck. Using facial sponges, cotton pads or cloth, she will remove the cleanser with light hot water and put your skin free to dry.

+ Consultation

After cleansing, your eyes will be covered with some moistened pads for further step. With the help of magnifying glass, she will inspect your skin. She may squeeze your skin to check for elasticity and check it for thickness.

+ Removal

Now your Facial Salon getting that your skin care needs, she will pick the removal cream, gel, mask or peel to use. Some removal products such as enzyme peels, need to remove which cause to spotted blackheads on your face.

+ Steam

Depending on removal products using on your face, steam will be either be applied on same time while doing this process, or may be applied after the products have been removed. Other spas may be using heated and moist towels instead of steam.

+ Extraction

While extracting, your Facialist will remove the blackheads of your face. Normally, she will use a magnifying glass to inspect your skin. She may use the blackheads extractor to handling of removing blackheads.

+ Massage

Facial massage simulates and oiling your skin. Your Facialist may use a massage oil or lotion while applying it. By her training and the treatment, she may massage your neck, shoulders or scalp as well.

+ Mask

Depends on your skin needs, your Facialist will choose mask for you. Masks are highly specific and are formulated to treat specific skin care needs.

+ More Massage

Some more time your Facialist will massage your hand and arms, your feet or scalp.

+ Final Touches

Before they left you out the door, your Facialist will apply to your skin, specific gel or cream.

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