This 2020, Follow This Skincare Routine Based On Different Skin Types

The wind is dry and it's cold everywhere. Due to this, your skin loses its natural moisture and leaves a pale and itchy skin. Since every woman has different skin types, there occur various skin problems during the chilly months. So, let’s see what winter skincare routine one should follow based on different skin types.

1. Normal skin

Lucky are those women who have normal skin. Having said that, women who possess normal skin does not have to go through a winter skincare routine to keep skin healthy. Follow this morning and night routine to get the best result for your skin.

Routine: Morning

Rinse your face with lukewarm water as you wake up and get rid of the dirty pores. This is the first thing you have to do to hydrate your skin to help it to retain moisture throughout the day. Then apply a light moisturizing cream while your skin is damn so as the cream can blend well and spread evenly on the face. This has to be done every morning.

Routine: Night

As you know, if you have normal skin, then maintaining it is quite simple. While you are asleep, make sure that you keep your skin hydrated. For that, all you need is some rose water, glycerin, and a cotton ball. All you need to do is, make a light mixture of the glycerin rosewater and soak cotton in it. Gently apply it on your forehead, cheeks, under-eyes, and chin. Keep it overnight.

2. Sensitive Skin

If you are using certain products or cosmetics and if you are likely observing the bumps and redness on your face and also the redness of your skin, then you are having sensitive skin. Now let's see, what things to follow for coping up with the sensitive skin.

Routine: Morning

One thing you have to keep in mind is to choose the facial cleanser based on your skin types. We recommend you to use the gentle face cleanser. Only apply it once so that your skin stays intact. Dry your face completely. Then apply moisturizer cream that suits your skin types and doesn’t cause allergic reactions.

Routine: Night

Use the best natural ingredient to prevent skin from getting damaged. Use pure coconut oil. Apply it on your face and wash with the mild cleanser. Then apply raw honey and spread it evenly on the face and let it stay for about 10 minutes. Then, rinse your face with lukewarm water and pat it dry. Honey has anti-bacterial properties and is perfect for sensitive skin. Women who are allergic to honey can use natural aloe vera gel.

3. Dry Skin

During winter, most of the women's skin gets dry because of cold winds. They tend to absorb moisture from your face and leave them all dry and rough. In winter, the air outside is dry, but your skin needs to be ok, so for that, follow the simple winter skincare routine for dry skin and you’re all set.

Routine: Morning

For natural skin, exfoliating skin is going to make the skin worse. Try using the foam-based cleanser as that has a good tendency to dry out the skin. The next thing, you have to remember is that, before going to bath, apply some glycerin on your face and let it stay for an hour or so. While bathing, opt for gentle shower gel and avoid scrubbing work on skin.

Routine: Night

Wash and clean your face thoroughly before going to bed. Protect the skin's natural moisture by glycerin and aloe Vera as they help in hydrating the skin. Make a mixture of Glycerine and aloe vera and apply it on the skin overnight. You will notice that the skin gets soft and hydrated the next morning.

4. Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, the winter-season comes with lots of issues in your skin proportions. The dry, harsh weather tends to seep into the skin’s natural moisture barrier and causes the skin to lose a lot of moisture. This, in turn, causes the skin to release more oil into the pores to compensate for the loss, keeping your skin oily. For this, we have an effective routine for your skin to follow to tackle this problem.

Routine: Morning

During winter, it's very important to treat your oily skin with care. The best thing to do for that is to exfoliate the skin. Scrub your face and body. Use exfoliating gel packed with vitamin E at least twice a week. Once you have applied the exfoliating gel, it’s time to moisturize. Use a Gel or water-based moisturizer so that your skin can breathe after its application. This is an effective routine to be followed for oily skin in winters.

Routine: Night

If you are a make up person,  make sure you remove it and rinse your face during gentle facial cleanser, Doing this, you will avoid dirt, sweat, and cosmetics from mixing with moisture in the skin. Use Multani mitti as it is the best cleansing agent for oily skin. Mix it with some milk and rose water; make a paste and apply on the face before going to bed. This paste naturally absorbs excess oil from the skin and helps to maintain the skin’s Ph Levels. Apply this mask twice a week and experience the results.

5. Combination Skin

Women who possess this kind of skin have to use different products as the specific patches of your face are oily and others are dry. This frightful weather can just worsen the situation for you. So let's see what winter skincare routine you should follow to prevent it from damage.

Routine: Morning

If you have such type of skin, never use products that make your skin greasy. Use a facial cleanser that is gentle to your skin. Maintain the balance between the oily and dry areas of your skin. Use double soluble facial cleanser and a toner to keep your skin moisturized throughout the day. Don’t use richer and creamy textured moisturizer.

Routine: Night

Use lemon and aloe Vera for this problem. Mix a few drops of lemon in organic gel and apply it on your face in the evening. Wash it with cold water after 15-20 mins which will help your skin to be well-hydrated.


No matter what the skin type you possess, most women have to make some adjustments to their winter skincare routine to maintain it. But this does not mean that you have to spend so much money on high-end skin products. Use some organic ingredients for your skin, and it will make your winters a lot easier. It’s that simple!