Sparkly And Amazing Makeup Ideas For New Year Evening

New Year’s Eve is about celebrating the end of a long amazing year and welcoming the new one with full hope of another amazing year. However, this new year, we will definitely be fulfilling our new year’s resolutions. This New Year’s Eve, be the show stopper of the evening with these amazing New Year’s Eve makeup ideas.

1) Starry Night

This gorgeous eyeshadow look is perfect for any New Year’s Eve celebration because it’s like the sparkly night sky on your eyes. All you’re missing are some fireworks to really set it off. This look is bold and glamorous. It’s the perfect accent to your little black dress. Get your most sparkly pair of pumps, and you’ll be shining like the new starry night of the year.

2) Gold Glitter Eyeliner

Black eyeliner is a go-to color to draw your perfect wings, but what if you decide to go bold for this New Year’s Eve celebration? This super cute makeup idea is creative and festive. You can wear it as eyeliner or apply it on top of your existing eyeliner to add a pop of color and shine. If you’re not sure if gold is best for your skin tone don’t worry, you can get this glitter eyeliner in eight different shades. So, you’ll have one for every dress you’re thinking of wearing this New Year’s Eve.

3) The Last Sunset Of The Year

The biggest eyeshadow trend in 2019 is the sunset eye look. It’s a gorgeous blend of sunset colors like a sultry orange and passionate red. For this New Year’s Eve, go out with a bang by wearing the last sunset look of 2019 and add a touch of shimmer to glam it up and make your sunset shine the brightest.

4) Ombre Effect

This New Year’s Eve goes for a glamor ombre eye look that will make you have the most stunning eyes of the party. It is a bubbly champagne look that will have you toasting all night long.


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