7 Winter Grooming Habits Every Man Need To Adopt For Good Skin

Personal grooming is important for both men and women equally. The regular skincare, pedicures, deep cleansing sessions are a few things one should be mindful of.

Winter is a glorious season in which you can layer up, enjoy cool and crisp weather and stay worry-free about skin-related problems. When the temperature drops, our skin, and body need attention. Men’s skin differs in many ways than women. So here are the few tips to follow to imbibe good grooming habits this winter.

1. Take Hot Shower

During winter, a hot shower feels good and comforting. In order to take proper skincare, avoid excessive use of hot water on your skin and hair. They are the main skin stressors. Make sure you use the lukewarm water shower and an organic body wash.

2. Hydrate Your Skin

Hydrating doesn’t just mean to use good moisturizer daily or twice a day, it's important to drink plenty of water. Keep a track of your water intake in the winter season as you do in summer. It's important for a body to stay hydrated. There are apps available in smartphones that remind you of the intake of water after certain intervals of time.

3. Have Nutritious Food

Proper intake of nuts, lean meat, egg yolk, and green leafy vegetables to your diet will fuel your body system along with other rich food this winter.

4. Apply Winter Care Lotion/ Cold Cream

Regular apply of cold cream is important after washing your face in these cold winters. The skin gets dry and hard after washing which leaves the skin exposed and unprotected from the natural harmers like sun, wind, dust. These usually create skin problems.

5. Apply SunScreen During Winter

The sun’s rat can damage your skin even in the winter season. Whenever you go outdoors, make sure you apply sunscreen as your skin is going to be exposed to the sun for more than 30 minutes. It's better to develop a daily routine of applying the sunscreen so that there are no chances of forgetting the daily application of sunscreen.

6. Do Pedicure

Whether it is men or women, it's important for both of them to get a regular pedicure. Regular pedicure habits for men will help not only to relax but also leave you with smooth & nourished skin. Pedicure ensures that your toenails are cared for and avoid the growth of ingrown nails, cracked heels amidst other issues.

7. Take Better Care Of Your Beard.

Use clay masks or homemade hydrating masks to keep your skin fresh-looking and healthy. Don’t leave your beard dry for more than 24 hours. Clean your beard with beard wash and moisturize it regularly with beard wax or oil. Use good quality organic shaving cream to prevent irritation when you are trimming up the sensitive areas.