Trendy Makeup Ideas You Should Try for Halloween 2019

The coming week is all about Halloween and its time to hunt for the best makeup look which will suit the best based on the outfit you are planning to wear on that special celebration day.

We all know Halloween has been known as ALL Hallows’ Eve, All Saints’ Eve and the festival of Samhain.

Let’s see some of the best makeup look ideas based on themes to try and apply at home and add more zeel to your look for a party.

1. Half Tigress

This is the Halloween makeup look for when you want to stun your audience in more than one way. You need to be a talented artist to emulate this look though As this look requires minute works on the face to look best.

2. Artsy Clown Halloween Makeup

Swirls and accents set this clown apart. The difference between clowns Halloween looks will always be the style of paint. The glossy makeup look with dark black mascara and black eye-shadow is something that is going to make your look go amazing.

3. V – V for Vendetta

Not just black and white, but grey and pink are mixed in too! The hand that paints this sort of look must be careful and practiced so that the idea is not lost.

4. Vampire Makeup for Halloween

What would Halloween be without a vampire? The red-tinted interpretation works beautifully as a Halloween makeup look, with all the shades of red complementing each other.

5. Holo Galactic Skull

Holo looks are on-trend right now, and incorporating the galactic vibe into a Halloween makeup look is brilliant as well. Match that with the right wig or hair color, and some fantastic mani, and you are good to go!

6. Red Queen

The red queen is dramatic, and this Halloween look has a lot of drama and skill in creating it. And, of course, you need the right costume to rock it, too!

7. Skeleton Profile Makeup

This is a great Halloween makeup idea that could be carried out without any additional costume elements. Just the profile and hair are amazing enough!

8. Bayou Witch Makeup for Halloween

As a Halloween makeup look, the Bayou witch looks complete with a pet snake. It is done creepy and beautifully well here, and it is incredibly detailed in a way that shows it took time.

9. Gingerbread Girl

The Gingerbread taking over for the Halloween look is sure to make an impression at any costume party. What this look requires is lots of face and body paint, deft hands, and quite a bit of time!

10. Pastel Clown Halloween Makeup

The clown is a common costume on Halloween, but there are a lot of different ways to customize the look, and pastels are on-trend.

11. Corpse Bride Makeup

She is one of the coolest characters Tim Burton has created. She is a perfect option for a Halloween makeup look, with interesting elements.

12. Skull Gurl

The supposed hard aesthetic of the skeleton against the soft lightweight curls will go down as a notoriously beautiful Halloween makeup look.

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