How To Prepare Your Skin For Autumn

September marks the beginning of the Autumn season. Days gradually become shorter, the weather begins to cool down, and everyone is slowly immersed back into full work mode. Like any sudden change, the change of season can bring new challenges to your skin. You want to help your skin along as it begins to acclimate to new temperatures and conditions. Rather than waiting for the thick of cold and winter before you adapt your skincare regimen, you can gradually ease into Fall skincare. There are a few tweaks you can make to ensure you have a seamless transition into your Fall skincare plan of action

1. Change your cleanser

Summer days are hot, humid and oftentimes rather sweaty. You may have required a more clarifying cleanser during the Summer to ensure you rid your pores of all the day’s gunk, pool chlorine, sea salt and sweat. You will want to opt for a gentler, soothing cleanser that will not strip your skin as part of your Fall skin care. During colder months we gravitate towards more hydrating cream cleansers. Although these do not foam and it takes a while to get used to, they still do a good job of removing the last traces of makeup too.

2. Amp Up the Acids

No matter how diligent you are with your sunscreen application, you may have still accumulated a few dark marks along with your Summer tan. Many people find that the increased sun exposure over the Summer months can elicit the resurfacing of patches of hyperpigmentation. As the light intensity dies down, it is safe to begin reintroducing a number of chemical exfoliants and acid peels back into your Fall skincare routine.

3. Oils Are Friends Not Foes

If you are not a fan of oils during the Summer months because they feel too heavy on hot Summer days, Autumn is a great excuse to whip out your oils again. Facial oils provide so many great benefits to the skin. They provide essential fatty acids, nutrients, and vitamins as well as the hydration that skin needs.

Depending on skin preferences one can opt for an oil blend or a single ingredient oil. You can apply them as the last step in your Fall skincare routine. Or simply use them to replace your regular moisturizer, if your skin does not need the excess moisture. If your skin is particularly dry, try layering your oil over the top of your usual moisturizer as a seal or barrier. This acts as an occlusive to lock in the products below and prevent moisture from being pulled from your skin.

4. Reach for the Retinol

Retinol is a game-changer when it comes to skin. However, if you are a retinol user you may be aware of the increased sensitivity it causes, particularly during Summer. Increased Sun exposure can lead to an uncomfortable feeling. For this reason, after years of Summertime retinol use without adequate sunscreen protection, the use of retinoids to the bare minimum over Summer.

5. Body Lotion

During Summer, the increase in humidity makes it easy to be able to skip on body moisturizer. Unfortunately, Autumn is not so kind. It is best to get into the habit of applying daily moisturizer as part of your Fall skincare. Try not to wait for the ravages of cold weather to take a toll. Good body lotion will seal in moisture and prevent the dry, itchy feeling of parched skin on the body. Apply it to skin as soon as you get out of the shower to prevent moisture from evaporating too quickly. Body oil is also a great option if you prefer the feel of oils on the skin. They will not sink in as fast, but still, do a great job of keeping you feeling supple and hydrated.

6. Lip Love

Autumn calls for more elaborate makeup looks, bolder lip colors and fuller coverage. Now that you do not have to worry about your face sliding off, it is fun to experiment with makeup looks. If it is increasingly windy and cold you might find yourself opting for matte lipsticks. No one appreciates a gust of wind blowing in your face and getting your hair stuck in your gloss lip. However, matte lipsticks are a little drying on the lips. This means you might want to pay special attention to keeping your lips conditioned. Fall skincare includes lips. With decreasing humidity comes increasingly dry skin and lips. Make sure you choose a good lip balm that you can slather on during the night. This will ensure your lips are fully prepped for lipstick come morning.

7. Scrub Away

Summers on the beach, excess sun tanning and astringent sunscreen can lead to an accumulation of visibly dried-out skin. There are a number of scrubs you can use to get rid of the dryness and reveal soft skin beneath. If you are experiencing dry patches or dry lips, you can also make a simple sugar scrub with olive oil. It does the job easily and inexpensively.

8. Keep Calm and Sheet Mask

Although richest hydrating masks have got major benefits, duller days and more time inside are the perfect excuses for pamper time. I don’t usually advocate a one-off treatment like a sheet mask for lasting results. However, they can be a great pick-me-up. Hydrating masks and sheet masks can give that extra “oomph” to skin that is feeling dull and lackluster.