Mini Henna Tattoo Design Ideas for 2019

The Mehendi design has been the most popular among the girls as they last only for a few weeks. The henna tattoo remains only for a week the most and then it gets faded with time. It is considered as a fashion symbol among women all over the world.

There are various trends going on in the henna tattoo applications. It can be applied to legs, neck, arms, foot and many other body parts based on one’s desire. Women no more options for long designs on the hand. The latest trend is Small Henna Tattoo Designs which can be applied to different parts of the body.

The designs are elegant and simple and look superb on your body. The inked tattoo has got so many side effects, whereas the henna tattoo has no side effects. Whether it is a wedding function or any other special function, you can try this mini tattoo on your hand or any desired body parts.

Let’s see some henna tattoo designs which are in trend currently.

Floral Henna Tattoo Designs

The floral henna design has been the most common henna design and of course the most preferred design. It looks very pretty in hands. Mostly the design is used the most during a wedding or traditional festivals. This design suits any body parts you desire.

Colored Henna Tattoo Designs

Henna tattoos can be applied in different colors, it’s not restricted to only one color. Currently, there is a trend of white color henna which looks trendy and catchy in your hand.

Simple Henna Tattoos Designs

This simple mehndi design yet very popular design can be used on any occasion. This unique design looks great on the back of the neck. This is one of the trendiest forms of design and symbolizes peace and warmth on your mind.

Dream catcher Henna Tattoo Design

This is another trendy henna tattoo design in which a dream catcher is used as the central design. And other flowers are designed all around the dream catcher thing.

Ornamental Tattoo Design

Ornamental henna tattoo design is the latest trend going on. The most common design is the use of hand jewelry which looks great with jewelry that you wear giving you a beautiful look.

Henna design tattoo on the feet also extremely pretty. They are numerous options for designs on feet. Designing a tattoo on feet gives your feet a lovely look and enhances the footwear you have worn too.

Designs like Sun, fish, and long tattoos on the back of the body are most common nowadays. They are designed with arrows, flowers made all around the Sun. Leaves and curves are designed around the tattoos made on the back to look more beautiful with a little bit of traditional touch.

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